Energy Monitoring

Sinewave lets you track and compare your energy usage, to achieve low to zero energy consumption.

Our energy monitoring system can be used to measure and record total building energy consumption, electricity, solar, wind and so on, as well as consumption of individual circuits, such as appliances or heat pumps, motors, electric vehicle charging and backup heaters.

You can then view the data on any web-enabled device through the built-in web-server. The display is updated every second, giving immediate feedback on any load or generation changes. This means you can turn appliances on and off to minimise peaks and maximise efficiency.

By tracking your usage in this way and comparing it on a single screen to your renewable energy generation, you can aim to achieve net-zero energy consumption, maximize your payback, and lower your monthly electricity bill.

Even better, the family can become involved in monitoring energy usage and learning ways to save even more money by putting into practice a few-simple energy saving tricks.

Energy monitoring provides:

  • Real time energy information
  • Renewable Energy monitoring
  • Measurement and Verification of essential equipment (M&V)
  • Operations and Maintenance of asset portfolio (O&M)
  • Lower energy cost
  • Lower emission associated with fossil fuel energy
  • Establish building energy benchmark and LEED points
  • Peak Demand analysis
  • Energy Efficiency projects and commissioning

The system we use is an affordable, flexible, secure, web-based electric energy and power meter that can measure up to 12 circuits on up to 3-phases (120V−480V, 50−60Hz). The device records the most recent 30 years of data in its built-in solid-state memory.

Monitoring is accessible through the Internet at no extra charge, so you can easily check on your home /or business renewable energy system while travelling.





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