Hot Water Heating

Electric heating of hot water is one of the single largest uses of power and equates to over 30% of your power bill. 

One way to achieve guaranteed savings of at least 66% of that water heating bill is to install a hot water heat pump. These heat pumps cleverly extract the ambient heat out of the air, even down to -4oC, then use this to heat your hot water from the top down, ensuring a continuous supply even during heavy demand.

New or retrofit


Sinewave hot water heat pump systems can be installed in new homes or retrofitted.

Our hot water heat pump can be mounted flexibly to suit your house design and layout, internally or externally, e.g outside the building envelope, or in the ceiling cavity.

We recommend indoor mounting of hot water het pumps wherever possible to reduce heat loss from the cylinder. But if inside space is limited, the heat pump hot water system can also be mounted outside.

Sinewave will view the planned installation site and also view your existing hot water cylinder. Should you require a new cylinder, we can arrange installation of a new optimised stainless steel cylinder appropriately sized for your needs.

Guaranteed for 6 years

Not only do we back every with a comprehensive performance guarantee for six years*.

We guarantee the hot water heat pump will deliver minimum 66% savings compared with a standard electric hot water cylinder.

Made in New Zealand

Our hot water heat pumps have been designed in New Zealand and are manufactured right here,  for quick resolution of any issues.

They are rigorously tested in New Zealand weather conditions and can operate efficiently in temperaturesdown  to -4 degrees Celsius.





How a Hot Water Heat Pump Works

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