Sinewave. Applying the science of energy efficiency to residential and commercial buildings.

Sinewave has been established by two brothers with one purpose in mind...automating your home or business to make truly significant energy savings.

We specialise in creating low energy buildings that employ sustainable energy practices throughout, for both the health and happiness of your home of business and your pockets.

By applying the science of energy efficiency to all aspects of your building – power, lighting, water, security, insulation and home automation - we put finger-tip control of your utility usage and applications into your hands.

This gives you not only ease of use but more importantly, delivers benefits for everyone in the equation; those living or working in the building benefit from the healthy, happy environment created.  Those paying the bills save significant funds.

Longer term, energy efficiency impacts on the health of the planet whilst also ensuring the sustainability of the future's desired energy resources.

Saving Energy the Focus

A ‘Sine wave’ is a smooth repetitive oscillation such as occurs in electricity. This name was selected for the company as best reflecting the team's focus on saving energy and running costs in new or renovated budilings, through the inclusion of energy-saving devices during the design process.

Solutions from Top To Bottom

SineWave has developed supply relationships with a wide range of providers in order to offer energy saving solutions for all aspects of living. These relationships allow SineWave to offer the product solutions that are the most suitable for each project. At very competitive prices.

Homestar Certification

SineWave has added a further resource to its services, as we can provide Homestar Certification through the Homestar Assessors and Practitioners on our team. We can use this comprehensive environmental rating tool to evaluate your house, townhouse or apartment against criteria for a warm, healthy, sustainable and efficient homes. And make recommendations to improving your rating.

Let Us Get Involved

Whether you are building from the ground up or renovating, talk to Sinewave about applying the science of energy efficiency to your plans. Involve us in your team from the earliest stages so you can ultimately convert your home or business into a superb, real-time energy saver. Contact us today for more information.

Experienced low energy developers

Sinewave is the brain child of the Sodeau brothers as a result of their long involvement in property development. Their experience in this area has highlighted the growing need for energy efficient buildings that cost less to run and reduce environmental impact.






SINEWAVE. The science of energy efficiency